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Long Belt Loop Automat

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Long Belt Loop Automat

2-needle, automatic belt loop attachment machine for the sewing of longer belt loops with lengths of up to 110 mm.

This machine sews longer belt loops with lengths of up to 110 mm

The machine supports the belt loop sewing process (belt loop lengths from 80 to 110 mm).

Belt loops are automatically fed, cut to a set length, and sewn by the 2-needle, lockstitch machine.

The sewing pattern settings can be changed

Supports various sewing patterns, starting with the standard X, straight, and triangular shapes.


  • Adjustable extra long beltloop sizes 80 mm - 110 mm
  • 28, 36, 42 or custom made number of stitch
  • X, straight, triangle or other shaped bartacking patterns are available
  • JUKI’s patented loop joint detection system
  • Large hook (Optional)
Model name JTR-MOL254/LBA
Machine Head (Standard) MOL254
Motor Direct Drive
Max. sewing speed 2,500 rpm
Capacity 2,250 - 2,500 jeans or uniforms / 9 hours
Daily Piece Counter Available
Min. - Max. Belt Loop Length 80 mm - 110 mm
Min. - Max. Belt Loop Width 9 mm - 25 mm
Needle Type GB / DPX17 - #19-21
Number of Stitches 28 - 36 - 42 and custom made number of stitch
Power Requirement / Power Consumption Single-phase 220 - 240V / 350VA
Compressed Air / Air Consumption 6 Bar - 32 L / min.