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ISAIC, Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center, is creating better lives through a better industry. A national resource for the sewn goods industry, ISAIC is a fundamental new approach to the future of work that puts people trained in both traditional sewing skills, as well as advanced and emerging technologies, at the forefront of sustainable soft goods production. A Detroit-based 501c3 nonprofit, ISAIC is creating a foundation for attracting an industry focused on re-shoring production back to the U.S. For more information, visit


In the Summer of 2009, while working a summer job at a call center, Bill Mitchell would spend his evenings in his parent’s basement on his mother’s sewing machine tailoring clothes. After college, he purchased used machines on Craigslist and would teach himself pattern making. He eventually created a collection of patterns that he would use as building blocks for his customers. Soon after, a local newspaper ran an article on Bill, which catapulted his business.
Billiam’s collection of jeans are all hand crafted in house and the denim sourced from the legendary Cone Mills, North Carolina. For more information, visit


LeatherSeats is the premier online retailer of custom leather automotive seat upholstery. With patterns available for over 8,000 vehicles in a wide range of colors and leather grades, they help customers achieve a custom look with a factory fit!