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1-Needle, Bottom and Variable Top-Feed, Lockstitch Machine

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1-Needle, Bottom and Variable Top-Feed, Lockstitch Machine

With its digital control, the machine achieves high-quality shirring with consistency.

The machine enables even inexperienced operators to perform shirring operations smoothly and easily.

The digital-controlled shirring mechanism allows even inexperienced operators to carry out shirring operations skillfully, producing high-quality products with consistency. While shirring, an operator can enter a program through the use of the teaching function, thereby duplicating a high-quality shirring operation performed program by a skilled operator.

The best seam quality is produced by low-tension sewing.

Through a thoroughgoing study of the sewing mechanism to enhance the machine's ability to respond flexibly to diversified kinds of materials, the DLU-5494N-7 is now able to perform low-tension sewing with even higher precision and quality. The machine produces beautifully finished seams with consistency while preventing sewing troubles such as puckering and uneven material feed.

Higher lift of the presser foot and upgraded operability.

The lift of the presser foot is as high as 13mm. The top feed amount can be easily adjusted by operating the panel. The machine incorporates a built-in top-feed mechanism which simplifies the area around the presser foot, thus allowing the operator to easily place and handle a material on the machine. The machine can be operated as the operator wants.

The thread trimmer cuts threads with high to low thread counts without fail.

Through the combined use of a moving knife and counter knife, the thread-trimming mechanism cuts thread with consistency. Any thread, ranging from high-to low-count thread, can be cut quickly without fail.