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Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function, NFC Communication (250mm x 160mm) & (300mm x 200mm)

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AMS-221F-2516, 3020

Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function
AMS-221F Series

Model AMS-221F-SS2516 AMS-221F-SL2516 AMS-221F-HS2516 AMS-221F-HL2516 AMS-221F-HS3020 AMS-221F-GS3020
Application Light to medium weight Medium to heavy weight Medium to heavy weight Heavy to extra heavy weight
Feeding frame type Monolithic feeding frame(AMS221F-*S) Separately-driven feeding frame(AMS221F-*L) Monolithic feeding frame
Sewing area X: 250mm × Y: 160mm X: 300mm × Y: 200mm
Max. sewing speed 2,800sti/min*
Stitch length 0.1⁓12.7mm (0.05mm step)
Needle bar stroke 45.7mm
Lift / Stroke of the intermediate presser Lifting amount: 25mm / Stroke: Standard 4mm (0⁓10mm)
Variable lower position of the intermediate Standard 0⁓3.5mm (max. 0⁓7.0mm)
presser Active tension (with an output cure changeover function)
Needle DP×5 (#14) DP×17 (#18) DP×17 (#18) DP×17 (#21)
Thread #80⁓#20 #50⁓#2 #50⁓#2
Hook Double-capacity shuttle hook
Storage of pattern data in the memory Main-body memory: Max. 50,000,000 stitches, 999 patterns (max. 50,000 stitches / pattern)
External media: Max. 50,000,000 stitches, 999 patterns (max. 50,000 stitches / pattern)
Enlarging / Reducing facility 1⁓400% (0.1% step), Pattern enlargement / reduction can be done by increasing /decreasing either stitch length or the number of stitches
Bobbin thread / Product counter Up / Down system (0⁓9,999)
Lubrication Semi-dry / hook section, Lower shaft gear section: minute-quantity lubrication (tank system)
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.2 (equivalent to ISO VG32)
Sewing machine motor AC servomotor 550W (direct-drive system)
Power requirement / Power consumption 3-phase 200V/400VA
Compressed air / Air consumption 0.5⁓0.55 (max. 0.55) MPa, 1.8dm³/min (ANR)
Dimensions 1,200mm(W)×1,150mm(D)×1,150mm(H) (thread stand is not included)
Weight 245kg 252kg