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The dry head machine achieves max speed 3,000sti/min.

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PS-800 Series

Pattern seamer
PS-800 Series

The dry head machine achieves max speed 3,000sti/min with supporting various sewing and materials.

  • Medium sewing area
  • Small Sewing area PS-800-8045:
    The PS-800-8045 can be installed in a space-saving manner. Not only the parts department but also sewing lines can be used.
Molde Name PS-800-12080 PS-800-13085 PS-800-8045
Sewing area 1,200mm x 800mm Double stepping motor Belt Drive
Maximum sewing speed 3,000sti/min
Lift / Stroke of intermediate presser Lifting amount: 20 mm / Stroke: Standard 4 mm
Needle SS: DB x 1 #8 (7#~14#)
HS: DP x 17 #21 (18#~23#)
SB: DB x 1 #8 (7#~14#) SB: DB x 1 #8 (7#~14#)
HB: DP x 17 #21 (18#~23#)
Hook Full-rotary double-capacity hook
Storage of pattern data in the memory Max. 999 patterns (80,000 sti/pattern )