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Bottom Hemming Automat

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JTR-MF7923/BHA Series

JTR-MF7923/BHA Series

Bottom Hemming Automat

The bottom hemming process is automated as soon as the material is placed.

The machine hems T-shirt bottoms of round garment bodies and after the sides of front and rear garment bodies are joined. Once the hems are placed on the two arms, the applied fabric tension stays even to the end.

The bottom hemming takes place with a set needle gauge.

The operator can set the next material to be sewn while still sewing the material currently in process. One operator can run two or more sewing machines simultaneously as a result.

A single operator can run two or more sewing machines at the same time. The reduction in wait time between sewing works raises production capacity.

Basic performance

The size can be easily changed on the touch panel.

The size can be switched to one of the preset options (S - M - L - XL - XXL, etc.) on the touch panel for faster setup.

The fabric tension can be quickly adjusted for each bottom hem circumference.


  • Able to sew t-shirt bottom in tubular form with or without side seam
  • An operator can operate 2 or 3 machines
  • Automatic step motor controlled size change between different sizes via touchscreen
  • Size tolarance system adapts machine for measurement differences up to 1 cm for each size
  • 2 or 3 needle coverseam stitch with perfect overlap sewing stitch at the end of operation
  • Minimum fabric trimming waste due to servo motor controlled left hand knife system
  • Photocell controlled bottom edge guiding system
  • Automatic stacker
Model name JTR-MF7923/BHA
Machine Head (Standard) MF7923H23
Motor Efka AB221 Direct Drive Serv
Max. sewing speed 5.500 rpm
Max. Sewing Speed in Operation 4.500 rpm
Capacity 2.400 - 3.000 t-shirts / 9 hours (1 operator 1 machine)
4.500 - 5.000 t-shirts / 9 hours (1 operator 2 machines)
Daily Piece Counter Available
Thread Breakage Detection Available
Max. - Min. Bottom Hem Length 35 cm - 78 cm
Max. - Min. Bottom Hem Width Shipping value: 20 mm By adjustment: 16 - 22 mm&up to 28 mm (special order)
Min. - Max. Stitch Length 2 mm - 3.5 mm
Needle Type GB - UY128 - #11
Power Requirement / Power Consumption Single-phase 220V-240V 50Hz / 1.200VA
Compressed Air / Air Consumption 6 Bar / 23 L/min.