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Automatic tape cutter controlled by stepping motor.

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Tape Cutter Device (AT-45)

Tape Cutter Device (AT-45)

Tape cutter device (AT-45)

This tape cutter helps increase productivity in processes such as the tape sewing process where the thread trimmer cannot be used and a pair of scissors is used instead.

1. The AT-45 tape cutter is a motor-driven device. Therefore, its operating noise is

considerably lower than that of the air-driven tape cutter.

2. The tape cutter does not require air piping. This means that you can move the

sewing machine as you like in the case of changing the workshop layout.

3. The tape cutter is able to cut the tape short just behind the presser foot (2.2 mm

away from center of the presser foot bar)!

4. Since the height of the standby position of the knife is 25 mm above the throat plate

surface, you do not need to worry about the product being caught by the knife.

5. The tape cutter is provided with a Safety control function. The safety device

prevents the tape cutter from operating while the sewing machine is in operation.

Therefore, the tape cutter will never damage the product by mistake

6. Three different operating methods are available. Select one from them, i.e. by

pressing the touch-back switch, by depressing the back part of the pedal and by

operating the external input switch (part number: 40232800).