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Industrial Sewing Machines

JUKI’s industrial sewing machines for the apparel industry are designed to perform various functions in the creation of apparel products; from lockstitch industrial sewing machines that are fundamental in stitching fabric together to industrial overlock machines used to sew over fabrics to provide a finished look.

As the leader in digital sewing machines, we’ve digitized adjustments that used to be done manually. Gone are the days of hunches, through our next generation sewing system the management of sewing performances and adjustments can be done digitally allowing for total accuracy and time reduction.

Non-apparel industrial sewing machines are designed for the production of non-apparel products, including but not limited to car seats, motorcycle seats, handbags, sofas, and airbags. These commercial machines have the functions required for the sewing of large products and extra heavy-weight materials.

Advance the industrial work floor of your business with JaNets, the most advanced shop floor control system available. Through JaNets, sewing machines on a shop floor can be interlinked to provide real time data on all aspects of the production line allowing for process improvements and data based decision making.

JUKI’s alliance with Hashima & KM allows us to provide you with the highest quality products to support your diverse needs. Through our partnership, we offer cutting machines, spreading machines, fusing presses, x-ray inspection machines, needle detectors, and high speed thread winders.

H&H, our bonding partner, specializes in thermoplastic technology for sew free adhesive and waterproofing, including waterproof seam sealing, sew free pocket adhesive, zipper bonding, front zip sealing, fabric joining, line bonding, overlay taping, and also adhesive backing for woven label and embroidery.

Breathe better and safer with Airdog air purifiers. In collaboration with Airdog, JUKI offers the Airdog X5 and X8 models. The innovative air purifiers use reusable, easy to clean plates that efficiently remove 99.9% of indoor smoke, flu virus, bio-aerosols, ultra-fine particles, and volatile organic compounds.

JUKI’s collaboration with Richtech brings a rich line of highly accurate and high-speed temperature and mask scanners. With advanced thermal imaging technology, the Richtech V2 Pro and V2 Lite provide businesses with the fastest and least intrusive way to protect employees and customers.

Through our spare parts store, you can view and purchase over 100,000 JUKI industrial spare parts. Our team delivers spare JUKI parts to customers throughout North and Latin America. If you know your JUKI part number, you can utilize it within our parts store to quickly find and order the part you need.

Since 1947, JUKI has been a leader in home sewing machines. We revolutionized home sewing technology with the first rotary needle thread take-up system sewing machine in 1954; in the 1970s, we released home overlock machines with industrial technology, a major breakthrough in home sewing capabilities.

Frequently asked questions

What is an Industrial Sewing Machine?

Industrial sewing machines, also known as commercial sewing machines, are machines designed to perform specific tasks on a work floor; they can withstand thousands of hours of usage and work with a variety of materials while providing consistent seam quality.

What speed is considered fast for an industrial sewing machine?

With speeds from 1,000 to 5,000 stitches per minute, industrial sewing machines are designed to provide higher speeds than domestic sewing machines. Developed for commercial usage, industrial machines are manufactured with motors that allow the machine to take sudden shifts in speed necessary for the production of products that utilize different fabrics that may require different sewing speeds.

What should I consider before buying an industrial sewing machine?

Before purchasing an industrial sewing machine, consider your current workload, your fabric usage, budget, speed, noise level, digitalization, and the types of machines you’ll need to complete your projects. Industrial sewing machines are designed for heavy-duty workloads and for different tasks within a work floor. If you’re looking to understand the different types of machines you may need, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What is a buttonhole machine?

Industrial buttonhole sewing machines are heavy-duty machines made for the industrial work floor of businesses to perform the sewing of buttonholes within apparel products. Buttonhole machines can be designed for specific fabric types, like thick jean fabric, and with digital.

What is an industrial overlock machine?

Industrial overlock machines are used to produce high-quality seams at high speeds. Overlock machines use stitches to sew over the edge of one or two pieces of cloth to produce finished look and to prevent fraying edges.

What is an industrial serger machine?

Industrial serger machines are industrial overlock machines. The names are used synonymously.