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Single-thread, Chainstitch Basting Machine

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Single-thread, Chainstitch Basting Machine

Basting machine realizes high quality

  • High efficient basting works at a sewing speed of 1,800sti/min.
  • Chainstitch is continuously formed with a single thread and by a blind looper which eliminates the need for a bobbin thread refilling. In addition, the basted seam can be easily undone. 
  • Basting works are efficiently done with a maximum stitch length of 10mm which is easily set up by a control dial.


  • The basting of the front edges, edge and stand of collars, flaps of men's and ladies' suits and coats
  • The basting of the waist bands, the flies of trousers slacks, etc.
Model ML-111U
Max. sewing speed 1,800sti/min
Max. stitch length 10mm
Presser foot By knee: 12mm
Needle TV×7 (#14) #11~#14