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Semi-dry Head, Cylinder-bed, Bottom Coverstitch Machine with Digital Type Top Feed

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MF-7900DRH24 Series

MF-7900DRH24 Series

Semi-dry head, Cylinder-bed, Bottom Coverstitch Machine with digital type top feed/For hemming with left hand fabric trimmer
MF-7912 DRH24
MF-7913 DRH24

The MF-7900 Series is a newly developed coverstitch machine provided with lots of mechanisms for improving the seam quality. It is provided with many different sewing-related mechanisms which contribute to improved seam quality, such as the new feed mechanism and differential-feed micro-adjustment mechanism. In addition, the machine is provided as standard with a looper thread twining prevention mechanism for improved maintenance.

The machine is provided with the digital type top feed mechanism

This mechanism prevents problems, such as twist of fabric, uneven material feed, skew of grain, and stitch gathering on multi-layered sections of material, which are likely to occur when sewing elastic materials, thereby achieving stable seam quality.

Digital setting of the top feed mechanism

The digital setting of the top feed mechanism can be carried out with a jog dial with a control panel.
(Top feed amount can be adjusted and stored directly in memory.)

Reduction in setup time

The digital setting of the top feed mechanism enables easy adjustment of sewing even when the product to be sewn is changed, thereby reducing the setup time.

Flat and soft seams (H24)

The sewing machine produces seams with no semi-cylindrical swells by performing sewing while making the feeding lengths of the right and left needle threads equal.

Model MF-7912DRH24 MF-7913DRH24
Stitch type Semi-dry head, 2-needle bottom covering stitch Semi-dry head, 3-needle bottom covering stitch
Max. sewing speed 5,000 sti/min※
Feed mechanism Digital type top feed
stitch length 0.9mm~3.6mm
Presser-bar air pressure change-over switch Push button method
Needle UY128GAS #9S~#12S(#10S)
Lift of the presser foot 5mm~8mm
"sti/min" stands for "Stitches per Minute." JUKI Machine Oil 18 (equivalent to ISO VG18)
Power requirement / Power consumption Single-phase100V, 200V ・ 3-phase200V/500VA