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Semi-dry Head, Cylinder-bed, Bottom Coverstitch Machine with Digital Type Top Feed

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MF-7900DRH24 Series

Semi-dry head, Cylinder-bed, Bottom Coverstitch Machine with digital type top feed/For hemming with left hand fabric trimmer
MF-7912 DRH24
MF-7913 DRH24

The MF-7900 Series is a newly developed coverstitch machine provided with lots of mechanisms for improving the seam quality. It is provided with many different sewing-related mechanisms which contribute to improved seam quality, such as the new feed mechanism, and differential-feed micro-adjustment mechanism. In addition, the machine is provided as standard with a looper thread twining prevention mechanism for improved maintenance.

Model MF-7912DRH24 MF-7913DRH24
Stitch type Semi-dry head, 2-needle bottom covering stitch Semi-dry head, 3-needle bottom covering stitch
Max. sewing speed 5,000 sti/min※
Feed mechanism Digital type top feed
stitch length 0.9mm~3.6mm
Presser-bar air pressure change-over switch Push button method
Needle UY128GAS #9S~#12S(#10S)
Lift of the presser foot 5mm~8mm
"sti/min" stands for "Stitches per Minute." JUKI Machine Oil 18 (equivalent to ISO VG18)
Power requirement / Power consumption Single-phase100V, 200V ・ 3-phase200V/500VA