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4-Needle, Feed-Off-The-Arm, Flatseamers, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine

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4-Needle, Feed-Off-The-Arm, Flatseamers, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine

A new model with a direct-drive servomotor has been introduced as an addition to the MF Series of JUKI sewing machines. The new machine consumes only about half the power of the conventional models (Compared with the model equipped with the clutch motor). A mounting base for the direct-drive type machine head is provided as standard with a hand pulley. We are delighted to announce that new subclass models have been added; one model is best-suited to the sewing of hard-to-sew materials with multidirectional elasticity such as swimwear, while another model is for the prevention of uneven feed of the tape-attached parts of boxer briefs and running shirts to provide more consistent seam quality. In addition, the multipurpose type subclass model which is able to perform both one-side cutting and both-sides cutting has also been added, intended for sewing plants engaged in the sewing of diversified sewing items.

A direct-drive type model has been added

A servomotor is installed on the machine head for adopting the direct-drive mechanism. The power consumption has been reduced by approximately 52 % as compared with the conventional model. Since the sewing machine provides
superb responsiveness, the material can be controlled as desired when sewing a curve part. In addition, the belt-drive type sewing machine (when a servomotor is used) has also had its power consumption reduced by 32 %.

Oil Leakage is Prevented

Frame: The frame is shielded and equipped with mechanisms for micro-quantity lubrication and JUKI’s unique forced oil circulation. The thread take-up mechanism arranged on the outside of the arm prevents the entry of oil splashes and dust.
Looper section: The MF-3620 is also configured with JUKI’s unique oil-thrower mechanism to protect the looper section from oil infiltration. Excess oil is speedily reclaimed via the new oil groove.

The sewing machine is provided as standard with a micro-lifter

Elastic materials or delicate materials can be sewn with the presser foot slightly raised from the start to the end of sewing, thereby reducing material slippage and damage.

The overlapped amount of the materials is adjustable by means of presser foot shoes
(L200 type)

For the both-side trimming type machine (L200), the finished overlapped amount of the materials may not be sufficient depending on the characteristics of the material. In such a case, the overlapped amount of the materials can be adjusted by means of the presser foot shoes supplied with the unit.

Designed for upgraded safety and security

A safety cover has been provided to prevent injury by the bobbin thread cam section.

Damage by the feed dog is reduced

The presser foot of the flat seamer is a special one in which a cloth cutting mechanism is installed. This special presser foot has been originally designed by JUKI. The presser foot ensures a smoother feed of the material and helps reduce the load applied to the material. (In addition, the service life of the cloth cutting knife is lengthened.)

Model MF-3620-B (direct-drive type) MF-3620 (belt-drive type)
Application Light- to heavy weight (knit)
Max. sewing speed 4,200sti/min
Max. stitch length 1.6 ~ 2.5mm (standard 2.1mm)
Needle gauge 5.2, 6.0mm
Needle FL × 118GCS (#10S) #9S ~ #12S
Notes Retainer needle FLG-8 (#8) #8~#11