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Computer-controlled, Eyelet Buttonholing Machine

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Computer-controlled, Eyelet Buttonholing Machine

An active tension mechanism (computer-controlled thread tension mechanism) that electronically controls the needle and looper thread tensions 

Needle and looper thread tensions can be digitally established on the operation panel according to sewing conditions.

Data can be registered on a pattern-by-pattern basis to easily reproduce the same sewing conditions.

Using conventional machines, it's often quite difficult to reproduce the same sewing conditions. This machine does it with ease. With this capability, the MEB-3200 responds immediately to material changes, significantly reducing the time required for setup changes or adjustments. The machine also ensures the consistent production of high-quality seams.

Thread tensions can be separately established for various sections of a buttonhole such as eyelet sections and parallel sections 

The machine promises high-quality seams by smoothly responding to changes in stitch formation and allowing the operator to set a separate thread tension for the bartacking sections of buttonholes.

Thread tensions for the beginning and end of sewing can also be separately established. This helps prevent loose stitches or slip-off or raveling of thread at the beginning of sewing.

Threading work can be completed easily

Since fewer parts need to be threaded, the machine can be threaded more quickly and easily than conventional buttonholing machines.

Higher Flexibility

Thanks to the computer control, many different eyelet shapes, and straight buttonhole shapes can be selected or established on the operation panel.

The machine is provided as standard with 10 different stitching shape patterns. As many as 89 different patterns can be stored in memory and selected.

Easy-to-operate multi-functional operation panel

All pieces of data on sewing specifications can be established/selected on the operation panel.

Newly developed machine head that efficiently sews longitudinal buttonholes

JUKI has newly developed a machine head with a shallow recess. For the efficient sewing of longitudinal buttonholing.

 *Use MEB-3200RS for combined use for lateral and longitudinal buttonholing.

The machine head has a wider space under the work clamps to permit easy placement of a sewing product, thereby improving workability.

The semi-sunken machine head promises easy placement and smooth handling of sewing products.

The amount of material opened can be easily adjusted using the screw mounted outside the machine head.

Direct-drive motor is adopted

The machine has adopted a direct-drive method that connects a compact AC servomotor directly to the hook-driving shaft. The quick startup and increased stopping accuracy obtained as a result guarantees outstanding responsiveness. In addition, the direct-drive motor does not use a V-belt to reduce power consumption.

MEB-3200SS-M provided with the multi-cutting device

The multi-cutting device incorporates a separate cloth cutting knife with two sections of blade, one intended for the eyelet sections of buttonholes and one intended for straight sections. When sewing men's wear, the machine can sew eyelet buttonholes on a front body and straight buttonholes on a lapel without changing the knife. Conventionally, two different types of buttonholing machines are required for these processes. By performing two different kinds of buttonholing, the MEB-3200SS-M halves the time required for the setup procedure, including color thread changing. The end result is increased productivity.

By dropping the knife two or more times per cycle, the machine can sew buttonholes of various sizes without changing the knife guard (18mm to 38mm for eyelet buttonholes and 10mm to 38mm for straight buttonholes). The machine is best suited for small-lot production of ladies' wear subject to frequent design changes.

The machine is equipped as standard with a needle thread clamp device.

MEB-3200A, provided with needle thread clamp device

The needle thread clamp device eliminates the thread securing procedure by tucking the needle thread in the finished seams.
The needle thread clamp device retains the needle thread to ensure neat seam formation from the very first stitch.

*The needle thread clamp device can be retrofitted to the machine. Optional part: Part No.: 320-24481

Vertically driven cloth cutting knife controlled by a stepping motor

The knife is controlled by a stepping motor. This enables easy adjustment of the knife pressure on the operation panel to suit the material to be used, thereby preventing irregular cutting.

Data on knife pressure can be registered on a pattern-by-pattern basis to establish the best-suited knife pressure according to sewing specifications. Adequate knife pressure improves the durability of cloth-cutting knives and knife guards.

Selection between the cut-before knife and cut-after knife can be made on the operation panel.

The stepping-motor-controlled cloth-cutting knife is free from the troubles likely to affect air-driven knives, including dull cutting and the breakage of parts such as the knife-driving arm.

In addition, a large-capacity compressor is no longer required since the machine uses less compressed air.

Separately driven right and left work clamps

The right and left work clamps are separately driven by independent air cylinders. With this mechanism, the work clamps reliably clamp materials of different thicknesses to prevent the materials from flopping.

Reliable overall thread-trimming mechanism

The MEB-3200SS/RS for men's and ladies' wear cuts needle threads, looper threads, and gimps to leave longer threads on the material. The thread trimmer cuts the thread on the material to lengths that allow the machine to easily retain the thread ends. This facilitates the subsequent bartacking process.

Excellent maintainability

The computer-controlled design eliminates most of the complicated mechanisms. This dramatically improves maintainability.

The machine head is supported by a gas spring that makes it easy to raise for smoother cleaning and threading.

Improvements of working environment

Designed without a clutch mechanism or stop-motion mechanism, the machine produces no stop-motion noise.

The machine automatically reclaims cloth chips after cloth cutting action to keep the working environment cleaner.

Model name MEB-3200SS MEB-3200RS MEB-3200JS MEB-3200CS
Thread trimming style Longer remaining thread Shorter remaining thread
Sewing speed 400~2,200sti/min (100sti/min step)
Sewing length 10~38mm (with thread trimmer)
10~50mm (in case looper thread
trimming device is removed)*1
Work clamp type S, 16~24 (26) mm: optional
Work clamp type M, 24~32 (34) mm: standard
Work clamp type L, 32~40 (42) mm: optional
Work clamp type S, 16~24 (26) mm: standard
Work clamp type M, 24~32 (34) mm: optional
Work clamp type L, 32~40 (42) mm: optional
The figures in ( ) parentheses are in case of taper bar
Needle throwing width 2~3.2mm *2 2.6~4mm *2 2~3.2mm *2
Taper bar length 0mm, 3~15mm
Needle DO×558 (Nm100)
DO×558 (Nm120)
DO×558 (Nm110)
Model name MEB-3200TS
Thread trimming style Shorter thread cutting without gimp
Sewing speed 400~2,200sti/min (100sti/min step)
Sewing length 10~34mm Compensating
work clamp S, 24mm for eyelet
buttonholes: standard
Needle throwing width 2~3.2mm
Taper bar length 0mm, 3~15mm
Needle DO×558 (Nm100)

*1 When the sewing length of 38~50mm without thread trimmer is selected, the work clamp can be provided by placing special order.
*2 By selecting the left looper and left spreader, the range of stitch bite can be changed to 2.6~4.0mm from 2.0~3.2mm (TS model is excluded)