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1-Needle, Unison Feed, Lockstitch, Machine with Vertical-Axis Large Hook

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1-Needle, Unison Feed, Lockstitch, Machine With Vertical-axis Large Hook
LU-1510NA-7 (For Sewing Car Seats)

The walking foot machine demonstrates sewing capabilities best suited for sewing car seats of light- to heavy-weight materials without using any additional devices. The machine prevents fabric yarn breakage when using a thin needle. The compound feed machine is able to perform low-tension sewing where lesson a load is applied to the material.

Comparison of needle-thread tension

The LU-1510NA-7 is able to consistently sew adequately-tensed stitches with a needle-thread tension that is "25%" lower than that of the conventional models. With this feature, the machine is adaptable to light-weight materials and is capable of reducing puckering.

Responsiveness to a broader range of materials

Taking an extreme example, in a process where different types of materials are used or where materials that differ in thickness are used, the machine is able to sew the materials in one shot without adjusting the needle thread tension. The machine, therefore, reduces the load applied to the materials and produces uniformly-tensed stitches with consistency.