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1-Needle, Lockstitch, Post-Bed Type Basting Machine

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1-Needle, Lockstitch, Post-Bed Type Basting Machine

This machine is best suited for basting process of not only men's suits, ladies' sutis, coats, etc., but also for basting of front internlining, basting of front facing, basting of front, basting of pad, etc. 

Bobbin thread changing time is reduced to 1/5
In order to overcome the weakness of rapid consumption of the bobbin thread, the amount of wound bobbin thread is increased to over 5 times that of previous modeles. Thus the bobbin therad changing time is more shortened than the previous models and naturally the production efficiency is greatly upped.

Post-bed type with wide applicability
As either a flat-bed type or a high wooden buck type auxiliary table can be used, the usage is very wide.

Accurate basting by automatic stop
When the treadle is stepped on, the machine stars and when the foot is released, the machine always stops at a required position. Therefore, the machine can be stopped at each stitch and thus, this is an ideal machine for basting of complicated process which demands accurate basting.

Quiet and positive running
Another feature is the correct timing belt which is used to drive the main shaft and the hook driving shaft. This ensures quiet and positive running of the machine.

Model LT-591
Max. sewing speed 600sti/min
Max. stitch length Free
Needle TV×7 (#14)