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Cylinder-bed, 1-needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Hook

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LS-2342 Series

LS-2342 Series

Cylinder-bed, 1-needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Hook (With Large Vertical-Axis Hook and Gauge for Small Articles)
LS-2342-7 (With Automatic Thread Trimmer)

A high and semi-long arm has been adopted. The long-distance from the machine arm to the needle contributes to improved workability. This compound feed machine is suited to furniture and bags, provided with dramatically improved workability and functions required for sewing large products and extra heavy-weight materials.

Excellent for the sewing of sharp curves

The slimmed-down throat plate easily responds to the sewing of small tubular articles with diameters as small as φ40mm. This enhances the walking foot machine's ability to smoothly sew not only bags and furniture but also small articles such as wallets.

Gauge for small articles are provided as standard

The throat plate and feed dog are provided with a gauge that offers an excellent capability for the sewing of sharp curves. These gauges are especially useful for the sewing of curves of bags and leather cases.

Double tension provided as: standard

A dual-tension is provided as standard responding to the sewing with thick thread under higher tension.

High-torque direct-drive motor is installed

This machine has adopted a high-torque direct-drive motor which is suitable for heavy-weight materials. As a result, the sewing machine is excellent at its responsiveness and ensures increased penetration into the material even when sewing multi-layered parts.

Wider space under the machine arm

The machine has a wider free space under the machine arm to allow the operator to easily place and remove a large sewing product. In addition, the machine has outstanding capabilities in the sewing of sharp curves.

Multi-functional 6-string switch

The 6-string switch can make a one-stitch correction, stitch length changeover and needle thread tension changeover, etc. by one button push each. A switch not used for any function can be optionally given a function.