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Motor size and weight reduction

  • Realization of the compact, lightweight motor. The motor size was reduced by approximately 60% when compared with the previous motor (XL-554). Motor weight was reduced by approximately 1.7kg.

Enhanced functionality

  • Step sequence function
    • This function enables easy programming of the desired input, output and machining operation in sequence with the stitching process. (Extensive upgrade of existing machine simple sequence mode)
    • Various operations can now be incorporated into the "stitching process", including those performed before and after operation.
  • Direct parameter No. call-up function
    Previously it was necessary to select the respective mode to perform settings when making changes to the parameters, however, by using the G10 or G500-Y control panel, it is now possible to call up the required parameter in a single operation. It is also possible to call up parameters for each mode.

User-friendly function

  • Compute interface standard equipment
    • Settings data control including batch writing, reading and saving of settings can be performed using the setup software. (XCG_SET)
    • Step sequence creation, editing, etc. can be performed using the dedicated step sequence software. (XCG_STEP)

Multi-function, Interchangeability

  • Full functionality
    • The G series retains all the operability and multi-functionality of the XC-F series! The control box uses the same connectors as the XC-F series, enabling easy connection.
    • The settings data save function has been expanded to enable saving of settings data from 1 model to 2 models.
    • A parameter change difference display has been added. (A flashing dot ( . ) displays at the changed parameter.)
    • 2 types of function setting can now be performed with a single input.
  • Interchangeability
    The XC-KE-01P detector, LE-FA presser foot lifter units and XC-CVS-3 variable speed pedal can all be used as is. The XL-554 motor can be used with an optional attachment bracket.
  • Control panel
    XC-G10 and XC-G500-Y series control panels are available. The existing operation panel can be attached to and removed from the XC-G10 series control panel. Significant enhancements have been made to the operability of the XC-G500-Y series control panel over existing functionality (XC-E500-Y), and the settings data memory has been doubled.

Type Motor
Power Supply Output(W) Output Shaft Mass
Number of phases Voltage(V)
XL-G554-10Y Strain relief Single phase 100 to 120 550 Taper shaft 6.9Kg
XL-G554-20Y Three phases
Single phase(*1)
200 to 240
XL-G754-20Y 750


Type Output Power supply Function Mass
Number of phases Voltage
XC-GMFY-10-05 550W Single phase 100-120 Full functionality including auto thread trimming, presser foot lifting, fixed-stitch stitching, continuous stitching and backtacking. Equipped with step sequence, simple sequence and computer communication functions (when connected to control panel). Equipped with 8 solenoid drive outputs, 2 electromagnetic valve outputs, 1 small-signal output and 14 input terminals including a variable voltage input. 3.5Kg
XC-GMFYCE-20-05(*2) 200-240
XC-GMFY-20-05 Three phase/
Single phase(*1)
XC-GMFY-20-07 750W

Note1:Refer to the Instruction Manual for how to connect the types marked with (*1)
Note2:Type [XC-GMFYCE] is CE marking type (*2) Options

Control panel XC-G10S [control box attachment type (One unit is standard equipment.)]
XC-G500-Y           ("XC-G500-Y" and "XC-G10" cannot be used together.)
Auto presser foot lifter unit LE-FA : Pneumatic type (common for 30V/24V)
Variable speed pedal XC-CVS-3 : 3-speed pedal, for standing operation sewing machine
Extension cables Motor cable 1.0m : K14M52158002
Detector cable 0.6m : K14M71324830
Encoder cable 1.0m : K14M71725402
Installation metal fittings XL-G554 motor and old control box : K14M72354001
Old motor and XC-GMFY control box : K14M72354101