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Pocket Hemming Automat (Double Chainstitch)

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JTR-MF7523/PHA Series

JTR-MF7523/PHA Series

Pocket Hemming Automat (Double Chainstitch)

This machine automatically hems the pocket lip when the fabric is placed. Automatic collection of the sewn products improves workability. (Chainstitch type)

Fitted with an exclusive attachment to cleanly fold pocket lips,the machine consistently sews high-quality hems.

The machine folds a pocket lip to a preset width (range: 9 to 15 mm) using a dedicated attachment and hems the lip automatically when the fabric is placed. Higher production capacity and stable quality are achieved.


  • Excellent chainstitch quality
  • Operator friendly LCD touchscreen
  • Special hemming attachment provides 9 to 15 mm hemming marge
  • Step motor controlled special belt transport system adjustable for fine or thick material
  • Photocell controlled thread trimming system
  • Three needle chainstitch sewing head with standard 6.4 mm gauge
  • Optionally, needle gauge can be chosen as: 4.8; 7.2 mm
  • Special rotating stacker system for the sewn pockets
  • Height adjustable work place
  • Wide folder attachment between 15 - 25 mm (optional)
Model name JTR-MF7523/PHA
Machine Head (Standard) MF7523C11
Motor Direct Drive Motor
Max. sewing speed 3.000 rpm
Capacity 15.000 - 18.000 pcs / 9 hours
Daily Piece Counter Available
Thread Breakage Detection Available
Hemming Size 9 mm - 15 mm
Max. Stitch Length 3 mm - 4.5 mm
Needle Type GB / UY128 #19
Power Requirement / Power Consumption Single-phase 220V - 240V 50 Hz / 550VA
Compressed Air / Air Consumption 6 Bar - 11 L / min