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Velcro Feeding Sewing Unit

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Velcro Feeding Sewing Unit

This machine automatically feeds, cuts, and sews Velcro.

The Velcro length can be set between 15 and 30 mm.

The Velcro length can be easily changed on the touch panel. The Velcro width can be switched from the standard 25 mm width to 15 mm or 20 mm, as needed.

Several Velcro sewing patterns can be selected

The standard Velcro sewing patterns are square and rectangular. Other sewing patterns can be optionally set.


  • Automatic velcro cutting and feeding system
  • Adjustable velcro lenght via touchscreen
  • Different velcro width options
  • Adjustable design patterns (Square or envelop)
  • Automatic thread trimming and thread wiper
  • Big rotary hook (Optional)
Model name JTR-LK1900BN/VFU
Machine Head (Standard) LK 1900 BN Series
Motor Direct Drive
Max. sewing speed 2.500 rpm
Capacity 6.000 - 7.000 pcs / 9 hours
Daily Piece Counter Available
Min. - Max. Stitch Length 2 mm - 3.5 mm
Needle Type GB / DPX17 #18
Min. - Max. Velcro Width 15~25 mm
Min. - Max. Velcro Length 15~30 mm
Power Requirement / Power Consumption Single-phase 220V-240V / 880VA
Compressed Air / Air Consumption 6 Bar / 1L/min.