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Jeans Front Pocket Tape Sewing Unit

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JTR-LH3578/PTA Series

JTR-LH3578/PTA Series

Jeans Front Pocket Tape Sewing Unit

A 2-needle lockstitch unit for sewing tapes to the inner front pockets of jeans, etc.

Fitted with a dedicated attachment to sew tapes to front pockets more efficiently

The tape is automatically inserted into the pocket lip, folded by the dedicated attachment, and sewn with the 2-needle lockstitch machine.

Automatic tape cutting improves production capacity.

Sold with an optional WFS waste suction system to improve the work environment for operators

The thread waste generated during sewing is vacuumed from the work area and collected at the foot of the table.


  • Double needle head
  • Large hook
  • Special attachment for jeans pocket pouch with tape attaching
  • Photocell controlled tape cutting unit
  • Automatic presser foot lifter
  • WFS waste suction system (optional)
Model name JTR-LH3578/PTA
Machine Head (Standard) LH3578A
Motor Servo Motor
Max. sewing speed 3.000 rpm
Capacity 4.000 - 4.500 pcs / 9 hours
Daily Piece Counter Available
Needle Gauge (Standard) 6.4 mm
Pocket Tape Attaching Size (Standard) 10 mm
Min. - Max. Stitch Length 2.5 mm - 4 mm
Needle Type GB / DPX5 #18
Power Requirement / Power Consumption Single-phase 220V - 240V / 520VA
Compressed Air / Air Consumption 6 Bar / 3L/min.