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Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function, Full-Rotary 3-Fold Hook

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Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function, Full-Rotary 3-Fold Hook

This sewing machine is best suited to the sewing of heavy-duty belts in the automotive and cargo sectors. The larger hook means that even with a thicker thread the machine is capable of longer cycle times without the hook needing to be changed. The AMS series is versatile enough for many different types of products. Specific changes to this subclass mean it meets all the requirements for heavy-duty applications.

Full-Rotary 3-Fold-Capacity

This machine is equipped as standard with a full-rotary 3-fold capacity hook. The hook reduces the frequency of the bobbin thread replacement, enhancing efficiency and helps to achieve high-quality seams.

Top & Bottom Heat Cutter with Needle-cooler

When sewing with extra thick thread, the conventional knife is prone to failure when trimming. The AMS- 210EN1510 / X90022 thread cutter features a hot wire mechanism on the needle thread and bobbin thread, ensuring successful thread trimming, even when using extra-thick threads. The temperature of the cutter is digitally controlled, allowing adjust according to the material. Additionally, this model includes a needle-cooling device to prevent the thread from melting when sewing at a higher speed.

Bobbin Thread Amount Checker

This model includes a bobbin thread remaining amount checking mechanism, which alarms the operator when the bobbin is running out of thread. This feature helps to avoid running out of thread in the middle of a sewing cycle, reducing the number of defective pieces.

Model AMS-210ENZL1510RZC/X90022/HC/BC
Max Sewing Speed 2,200 sti/min (less than 4.5mm)
Hook Full-Rotary 3-Fold Capacity Hook
Stitch Length 0.1mm to 12.7mm
Needle DP x 17 #26
Oiling System Semi-dry/hook section: minute-quantity oiling (with tank)
Sewing Area 150mm (W) x 100mm (L)
Air Pressure/Air Consumption 1.8dm3/min(AR)
Weight 69kg (head only)